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Property Management

One of the most important decisions for a Real State investor to make is whether or not to hire a property manager. What do they do? Is it worth it? Our goal at KPM is to provide services to all of our clients, both owners and residents, that promotes a comfortable and efficient lifestyle. Many landlords do a great job managing their units on their own, but often times a pair of guiding eyes can help identify new doors to peace of mind and increased profits.

Working with a property management company offers many benefits to both owners and residents:

  • Your time is valuable.
    • Marketing, screening, collecting rent, maintenance, and mediating conflicts take a great amount of time. When spending time on such tasks, owners are trapped in their business instead of investing on more profitable areas such as growth and expansion.
  • Maximizing Profits.
    • Empty units are leaky buckets. Property managers are skilled in finding qualifies tenants quickly, decreasing income loss due to vacancies. Continuously analyzing the rental market allows property managers to set the price right striking the perfect balance between maximizing income and minimizing vacancy rate.
  • Legal Knowledge
    • Veteran owners know the extensive damage one troublesome resident can make. An experienced property manager is armed with up-to-date knowledge of federal, state, and municipal laws and is able to decrease vulnerability to legal and financial headaches.
  • Increased Resident Retention.
    • Systems such as easy rent payment options, quick responses to maintenance requests, and clear communication portals provide residents with happier hassle-free living ensuring longer retention. The process of turning over residents of cleaning, painting, carpet replacement and renovations as needed are timely and costly. Longer resident stays benefit help owners reduce loss of income and allow them to rest assured knowing they are providing happy housing.

Our Services

Rent Collection

Rent Collection is made simple by granting residents access to their own portal where payments can be collected automatically on the exact date it is due. Owners are granted access to portal as well where they have transparent views of their finances.

Tenant Screening

In order to ensure all residents are granted access to save and comfortable living, all rental applications endure a strict and comprehensive check on criminal records, backgrounds, credit, prior evictions, and more.

Lease Enforcement

Unfortunately situations occasionally arise where a lease is broken and requires attention. Our team is highly experienced in these situations and whether it is late payment, moving out early, or any break of lease, we are armed with federal, state, and municipal laws for smooth remediation.


From snow plowing and landscaping, to fixing a leaky sink or upgrading and renovating, our team has the knowledge and resources to get the job done. We maintain consistent communication through all projects and undergo a thorough inspection before completion.


Posting units for rent, staying up to date with the market, and reaching your perfect audience can be daunting and time-consuming. Our team takes great pride in making sure that each building we manage has its own very specific marketing plan tailored to fit its needs. We have consistent updated access to the market to be able to compare listings resulting in steady growth and increased earning potential.


Looking to begin your own real estate portfolio? We have the knowledge and tools to guide you to the right spot and find the buildings that are best suited for your situation. Looking to grow your portfolio or cash in? With a thorough and accurate market analysis, we guarantee that we will find you the best deals. We know how to find the real value in real estate.

The team at KPM is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects and has increased my revenue in only six months


Commonly Asked Questions:

What areas do you service?

We service the Southern Adirondack Region from Lake George to Moreau.

What type of properties do you manage?

We specialize in residential multi-family, but also have experience in single family, commercial and vacation rental properties.

How do you handle maintenance requests?

All residents are given access to a portal where they can make a request for a repair. Once their request has been received, our staff schedules an appointment with one of our contractors. Upon confirmation, the resident is then notified immediately of the date and time. If there is an immediate life-threatening emergency, tenants are encouraged to call 9-1-1, otherwise they are given access to our business number to make emergency repairs.

What is your leasing process?

All units are posted on our website for the public to view. Potential residents can view each unit’s profile complete with availability, description, and photos. After viewing, they may then make a request for a showing. Once the unit has been shown, the potential resident is then encouraged to submit and application where they will undergo a thorough screening. If approved, the owner is given the option to make the final decision. Once finalized, the potential resident is called and a signing of the lease is scheduled.

Do you provide regular updates on my units?

Similar to residents, owners are also given access to a portal where they can have access to all information regarding their units. Through the portal, owners can view vacancies, finances, and maintenance requests. Owners also have the ability to submit maintenance requests/upgrades.